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white persian kittens for sale - photo of a white chinchilla doll faced persian kitten

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Here at Treasured Kittens we are a reputable breeder that offer many colors of  Persian kittens for sale. Are you looking for a Persian for sale and available now? We are expecting the arrival of a new litter of adorable white, silver and chinchilla kittens. If you are looking for Petite Persian kittens for sale, our petite pussycats are sure to please. At their full adult size, our delightful kittens have exquisite, China Doll faces. Our kittens are small, weighing between 5 to 7 pounds for females, and just 6 to 8 pounds for males. 

Promise and Arieli - 2 doll face Persian kittens for saleIf you have been searching for white Persian kittens for sale, you have just uncovered a hidden “treasure”! Treasured Kittens are responsible Doll Face Persian cat breeders in Colorado. We specialize in gorgeous high quality kittens. We offer white Persian kittens for sale, as well as Silver, Shaded Silver and Chinchilla Silver Persian kittens.

Treasured Kittens is a small in-home Doll Face Persian Cattery. Click here to see our new Petite Persian Kitten site Persian kittens for sale . We are located in Colorado but also ship our precious babies all over the United States, Canada and Internationally.

We specialize in Doll Face Persian kittens for sale. We have Grand Champion Bloodlines. We certify the health of our Doll Face White Persian Kittens for sale. We maintain the highest quality standards. All of our Persian Cats are raised under foot. Our precious felines live in our home and get the love and attention of my family. We absolutely love what we do and plan on sharing our breeding excellence with the world!

Colors in Our Doll Faced Persian Kittens

We specialize in the doll faced Persian kitten variety. Our kitties have an exquisite “china doll” face, rather than the “Peke-faced” style of Persian cat.  All of our Persians are doll face, and our colors are as follows:

White Persian Kittens For SaleWhite Persian Kittens Chinchilla Silver Persian Kittens For Sale
Chinchilla Silver Persian Kittens
Shaded Silver Persian Kittens For SaleShaded Silver Persian Kittens

Our goal at Treasured White Persian Kittens for sale is to produce healthy, well adjusted loving Persian Cats and Kittens. We are proud of our cats’ extraordinarily heavy coats, intense eye color, and stout cobby bodies. We follow all state practices and the recommendations of our veterinarian to ensure the health and safety of our Doll Face Persians.

Treasured Kittens is a FELV/FIV, PKD Negative cattery. And every Treasured Kitten leaves with our personal written health guarantee. This means that you can feel confident that you are getting a healthy, well socialized beautiful Persian kitten.

Cute White Persian Kittens for saleThere are a number of cat breeders on the Internet that offer a select few kittens. In contrast, Treasured Kittens offers an extensive array of Persian Cat colors and sizes! If you are looking for glamorously beautiful Persian kittens for sale, in chinchilla or silver or white –  you will find them here!

So take some time to browse through our website and see what we have to offer. More importantly, see which of our delightful White, shaded sliver or chinchilla silver Doll Face Persian kittens appeals to you the most. We know that once you’ve seen your Treasured Persian Kitten you will fall in love immediately! And we’re happy to offer our healthy, home-raised white Persian kittens for sale to you.

Please note that this is the ONLY website that offers true Treasured kittens. People have stolen our Persian kitten pictures and posted them on their website. Treasured White Persian Kittens for sale are Persian cat breeders in Colorado do not have any affiliation with any other Persian cattery. Be sure to ONLY purchase from, responsible Persian cat breeders in Colorado, for your safety!! Make Treasured Kittens your only source for exquisite white Persian kittens for sale.