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Treasured Moments – Our Gallery of Photos From Our Adoptive Families

Hi Gaby,
Macey sends you love and hopes you are well and happy.
…I’ve thought of you, and wanted often to tell you that Macey is doing perfectly. She’s happy, playful, lively, and very affectionate. We really have to watch that she doesn’t escape, as she loves the outdoors. She used to be very cautious about stepping into the garden and do so only slowly staying close by me. Now, she’s become so confident she zips past me and wants to explore beyond our property.We live on a greenbelt with forest and a creek, and there are bears, raccoons, deer and other wildlife very close by. She knows exactly she’s not allowed out so now she breaks into a gallop when I come after her to bring her in. We have a harness and leash, and Andreas takes her around the garden for walks. At least that way she can get some fresh air, while were sure she can’t get away and get lost. We’re sending a few photos so you can see what a beautiful girl your Macey turned out to be.Her tail is so thick and fluffy, and her fur is dense and silky. She’s so easy going, and not at all shy or timid. We love her sweet little voice, We couldn’t be happier with Macey, and Andreas keeps saying how lucky we are to have found such a perfect little creature. (He’s totally in love with her) .Thanks again for the beautiful job you did with Macy…Take care,
Warm regards,
Mixhelle and Andreas

Hi GabyLuna is so blue-eyed and so, so cute. I never even imagined how in love with a kitty I would be :) She LOVES sitting high on Rutherford’s shoulder, she’s SO curious about everything, tears from one side of the house to the other when she’s in her “play mode” and scares herself silly when she catches her reflection in the mirror. She is just precious :)Luna is born to Areli and Hannah

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