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Toy, Miniature and Standards – Understanding the Differences Between Breeds and Sizes

Welcome to Treasured Kittens.  Confused about Toy Persian kittens for sale? When it comes to understanding the differences between Persian kitten breeds and sizes there seems to be some confusion. Many times, descriptive terms such as teacup, toy, and miniature, are used interchangeably with breeds – adding to the confusion. Let’s take a look at both Persian kitten breeds and sizes and sort through the differences.

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Types of Persian Cats

Persian Breeds

At Treasured Kittens, we sell Doll Face Persian kittens, in both silver and white,  as well as chinchilla and shaded Silver Persians. Persian kittens are the breed and what our cattery specializes in.  They have a delicate “china doll” face rather than the traditional “Peke-faced” look of traditional Persian cats. This type of Persian has a small sturdy body, known as “cobby.” This simply means they are small and muscular with short thick legs. They are beautiful and look like a soft, fluffy ball of fur. Doll Faced Persians have large round eyes that are set rather far apart, full cheeks and  topped off with a slightly up-curved “smile” that makes them look sweet, and makes them highly prized and sought after.

Doll Face Persian kittens come in many colors and sizes and vary in the shape of the head, the set of the eyes, the thickness of the body; but all have the long, flowing coat in common. The CFA has separated the patterns and colors of these types of kittens into the following divisions: Bicolor, Calico, Himalayan, Particolor, Shaded, Silver and Golden, Smoke, Solid, and Tabby among others.

Persian Cat Sizes

It’s important to understand that Teacup Persian Kittens, Toy Kittens, Pixie Kittens, and Miniature Persian  Kittens are terms that describe the size of the kitten, and are not speaking of the actual breed of kitten. These terms have been used interchangeably among Persian cat breeders and owners for years, adding to the confusion.

Doll face Persian kittens can range in size from 5 to 7 pounds for females, and 6 to 8 pounds for males, making them very petite and adorable, what some people might refer to as Teacup Persian kittens.  Of course, the size and weight of each individual Persian kitten and cat will vary according to the type of food they are fed and the amount of activity they get on a daily basis. The following chart gives the approximate weights of different types of Persian cats.

 Persian Cat Sizes

The following  chart will help you get a  general idea of the difference between the various sizes of Persian cats at adult weight.  We DO NOT guarantee size on our kittens.  We provide a  prediction based on our experience with breeding our lines.

Type Gender Weight
 Teacup Persian  Male  6 – 8 pounds
 Teacup Persian  Female  5 – 7 pounds
 Toy Persian  Male  8 – 9 pounds
 Toy Persian  Female  7 – 8 pounds
 Standard Persian  Male  10+ pounds
 Standard Persian  Female  9+ pounds

So, if you are interested in finding quality kittens for sale, our exquisite babies are likely exactly what you are looking for.  We’re expecting kittens this Spring, so be sure to fill out our online Kitten Application form today to reserve a spot on our waiting list. Early reservations are highly recommended.

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