Tips for Sculpting Your Persian Show Cat’s Face

Face sculpting a Persian cat for a show is an art. There are experienced exhibitors over the world who pull off fantastic styling on their prized Persians.


Just like a beautiful woman, a Persian cat will draw heads under the experienced hands of a master cosmetologist. You must ensure that every hair is in its rightful place and that it does not look artificial. Any cat fancier can learn face sculpting but it takes a lot of practice.


If a judge thinks you have gone overboard with your sculpting, you probably have. A lot of exhibitors end up cutting too much fur off their Persian cat’s face to give them a polished and smooth look. But to be frank, cats don’t look good without their eye lashes and eye brows. Here are some tips on face sculpting.


  • To begin with, you need the right equipment. Do not compromise on the quality of the scissors. Purchase the highest quality thinning shears and curved scissors you can. The goal behind sculpting is to give their face a round look. It is the accepted standard for show cats and that is the illusion you need to pull off when you are presenting your cat to a judge.


  • Before you start grooming, select a spot at a comfortable height and with ample light. Ensure the light is not behind you. Oodles of natural light in the front works pretty well. Place your cat on a surface that has a different color than your cat. You will be cutting your cat’s hair from behind. So you will have to regularly look down over its head to get a good idea of where and how much to trim. If you place your cat on a white surface, it will be difficult to cut the hair.


  • To start with, round your cat’s ears with the help of blunt, curved scissors. If your cat has pointy ears, do not follow the natural outline. Go for an outline that looks most round. Pulling off this optical illusion is absolutely necessary.


  • Once you are done with the outline, trim any hair above the cat’s eyes that when brushed down would cover its eyes. Make sure to cut along the grain. Use a sterile wash to rid the cat’s eyes of hair snippets.


  • Take a pair of good thinning shears. Place yourself behind the animal and with a really fine comb, start combing downward beginning with the area above the eyes. The length of the hair will vary. Make sure you trim evenly and don’t cut off the eyebrows. Continue to do this till you reach the top of the head.


  • There are a lot of instances where you will find “horns” at the sides of their ears. You want to maintain the optical illusion of a round shape and taper them with the help of the thinning shear starting from the sides of the ears going up.


  • If the cat or kitten has mutton chops, it is because of the cheek hair protruding unevenly. You can pluck this out gently till you get a round cheek. You will also notice that the hair grows to the shape of a “V” over some Persian cats’ noses. In such cases, use a curved scissors and nip at the point till it appears round.


There are certain tricks that are tough to explain. For example, if your cat is muzzly, you can flatten it with delicate hair cutting. Don’t try this just before you are about to go for a show. It takes quite a few tries to nip away at each hair strand without cutting off the whiskers. Make sure you try these tricks on a non show Persian till you get a good grip on sculpting. Don’t forget. The best looking cats do not achieve their prized status overnight. It takes time, practice and precision to pull off the perfect look.

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