Recommended Cat Products

Recommended Cat Supplies

Here at Treasured Kittens Cattery, we take very special care of our adorable Persian kittens, providing them with only the very best in nutrition and kitten care products. We use and highly recommend the following products for our kittens. You can purchase these items right here on our website for your convenience.

NuVet Plus

NuVet Plus For CatsNuVet Plus offers an outstanding health product that can literally add years of vibrant good health to your kitty’s life. Not only that, this ground breaking nutritional supplement gives your Persian cat or kitten a shiny, healthy coat and plenty of energy. NuVet Plus helps your cat or kitten rid it’s body of free radicals; compounds that are known to cause premature aging and contribute to diseases such as cancer, diabetes and thyroid conditions. It strengthens your cats immune system, helping them to fight off infection.

We at Treasured Kittens Cattery feel that providing our kitties with this supplement is added insurance for a healthy, happy and long lived Persian.

Order Your NuVet Products Here

Order Your NuVet Products Here

Anna Naturals Cat Grooming Products Line

Anna Naturals Pet Products 2We use only the best when it comes to grooming our Persian cats and kittens. Anna Naturals is just that – completely natural pet grooming products that were specially formulated by a top breeder to help make Persian cats look and feel their best. Anna Naturals offers a complete line of grooming products, including a fabulous instructional DVD that will teach you everything you need to know about Persian cat grooming.

Order Your Anna Naturals Products Here!

Halo All Stage Cat food


We start our Persian kittens out on the right paw with solid nutrition from Halo cat food.  Halo uses real WHOLE meat, protein, or fish, and no “meat meal” of any kind because cats are obligate carnivores and WHOLE protein has the essential nutrients they need. When you feed highly digestible Halo cat food to your cat or kitten, your pet can retain and use more of the nutrients in their food.

Halo provides complete and balanced nutrition for all cats’ life stages