What Makes Persian Cats So Popular?

What Makes Persian Cats So Popular?


Their Appearance

Persian cats are famous for their small, adorable faces. There aren’t many who can resist these cats’ doll faces. They are adored to such an extent that many like to refer to them as fur balls, doll-faced cats, or the princess of cats.

Their Fur coat

Persians are known for their characteristic long and soft fur coats that make them easily identifiable by their soft and fluffy appearance. Although these fur coats make Persian cats so identifiable  they require intermittent brushing shampooing to avoid tangles, they are the most popular pedigreed breed.

Their Colors

Persians are adored for their colors. While some cat lovers prefer the traditional colors or white Persian, silver, golden, bi color or chinchillas many go after the uniquely shaded Persians. Some of the most popular colors for Persian cats include:

  • Tortoiseshell Persians

These cats are often also called Torties and have two colors visible in their fur coats together with a few streaks of white. Common combinations include red and black, cream and chocolate, ginger and orange, and cream and lilac. These colors, when together, resemble the well-blended tones of a tortoise’s shell, hence the name Tortoiseshell Persian. Very unique.

  • Tabby

A Tabby is a Persian cat with a patterned coat. These cats have light-colored fur coats with dark shaded spots, stripes, or marble patterns. Common shades include red, silver, orange, blue-silver, brown, silver, blue and cream with black, white, or lilac spots, stripes and marble patterns.

  • Smoke and Shaded

Smoke and shaded Persians have a solid colored fur coat which shows white strands when patted. They are of two types, which are chinchilla and silver shaded. A chinchilla Persian has a pure white or silver undercoat with black tipping over the tail, back, sides, head, and ears. On the other hand, a silver shaded Persian has only one-third of the tip colored and an undercoat of a darker shade.

Their Personality

Perhaps the most talked-about quality of a Persian is its personality. Persian cats are generally very sweet, calm and playful. These cats are known for their meek nature, so much so, that when not around their owners, they chose to sit in one spot. However, when around their owners, they are very cheerful and playful and a treat to have around. Many people prefer to have a Persian because of their friendly nature.

These are the reasons that Persian cats are such a popular cat breed. If you are looking to get a cat that is playful and friendly as well as calm and meek, we’d say a Persian is the best option. To ensure to get your Persian kittens from a reputable breeder make sure they are CFA or TICA registered, the kittens are raised in an in home environment and are not caged.   Beware of breeders that always have kittens available this is an indication that they may have a lot of breeding cats making it difficult to give each one the attention they deserve.