Gift Your Child a Persian Kitten to Nurture Empathy in Them

Have you ever considered gifting your child a cute Persian kitten on their birthday? If not, then do give it some serious thought for their upcoming birthday. Gifting a live Persian kitten is definitely better than gifting a toy kitten. In fact, taking the responsibilities of a Persian kitten could indeed be a learning curve for your child, a curve that would propel him to internalize empathy and consequently make him a great pet person . Here is a set of reasons that would explain why:

  1. Adopting a Persian kitten is like adopting a child. Your child has to individually ensure that all its wants are taken care of and all its needs are met. While you would stay in the background and make sure that nothing untoward happens, you must let your child make the final decisions. This would make your child responsible and make him understand the meaning of love and care. As a Persian kitten is as loveable and as adorable as it can get, chances are that your kid would take on the responsibility with much enthusiasm.
  2. A Persian kitten could be the best buddy for your child and accompany him wherever he goes. This would develop an emotional bond between your child and the kitten. There possibly can’t be a better way to learn the basic nuances of empathy and humanity than being friends with an animal. Countless psychological studies have found out that the bond between a human being and an animal can be as close as you could possibly imagine.
  3. While the kitten is with your child, your child will learn to mind its safety. It is pertinent to mention that you need to kitten proof your home. Hence, your child must always ensure that tiny objects are kept out of the reach of the kitten. In the given process, not only will your child get to understand the importance of ensuring safety precautions, he would also be able to adopt safe practices in his own life.
  4. A Persian kitten needs to be fed very cautiously such that it doesn’t develop any unwanted stomach syndromes. As much as you would ensure that your child doesn’t commit any mistake while feeding the kitten, you must let your child feel in control. This would instill a deep sense of commitment in your child propelling him to be empathetic to situations around them.
  5. The most important thing that your child would develop from bonding with a Persian kitten is adjustment. In today’s turbulent times, all you need to do all the time is adjustment. Consequently, it is important for your kid to understand the demands of the time even before he gets down on the field. Also, adjustments are essential for the survival of any relationship. Rigidity has been known to create rifts in many relationships.
  6. Last but definitely not the least; your child will learn to share his life through his relationship with a Persian kitten. Sharing is probably the very basic tenet of being empathetic and no wonder your child would get immensely benefited through the process.

All these and many other things make adopting a Persian kitten a must process. Let your beloved child discover the unadulterated pleasure of bonding and consequent empathy and humanity through this adoption.

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