Four Things You Didn’t Know About Persian Cats

Persian Cats are quite possibly the most easily identifiable cat breed in the world. Their distinct long fur coats, small faces, and little noses make them very easy to recognize. Even though you might have come across this cat breed countless times in your life, considering how famous they are among cat owners, there are certain things that we believe you might not know about them. Curious? Well here are five things that not many people know about Persian cats.

1. They Are the Most Preferred Cat Breed

The Persian cat breed is said to be the most preferred breed of cats around the world. Not only is it the oldest cat breed, but it is also the most popular one. It is thought that Persian cats date all the way back to the 14th Century, although they gained popularity only around 30 years ago when they became a household breed in the United States.  Their elegance, quiet personality, and soft fur coats make these cats the top of their class.

2. They Require Regular Grooming

Did you know that Persian cats require regular grooming? As many cat owners might already be aware, raising a cat of the Persian breed is an honor.  These cats need to be occasionally  groomed and taken care of.  From combing their fur to ensuring that they are tangle-free at all times to keeping them tidy, maintaining Persian cats can take a few minutes a day or a few times a week depending on their coat length and texture.- Grooming your Persian cat can be a bonding experience. Many cat owners choose to keep their cat’s fur short for this very reason.

3. They Are Nicknamed “Furniture with Fur”

Another lesser-known fact about Persian cats is their nickname, furniture with fur. Because of these cats’ inactive and sedentary lifestyle, many prefer to compare them with furniture and call them furniture with fur. These cats can be lazy and can stay in the same spot and position for long periods of time. Their inactiveness should not be confused for a serious and solemn personality; Persian cats are known for their playfulness and social behavior.


4. They Are Very Lively

As discussed earlier, many people mistake Persian cats to be very solemn and somber, when, in fact, they are very good-natured and playful.  They are a lively, loving, and very sociable cat breed but equally responsible. People with Persian cats do not have to worry about leaving their cats in the house alone since they do not tend to create any trouble or mess.  As lively and cheerful as they are, they will not cause any mischief and are equally reliable and quiet. The only time that you might actually find them active and interacting is when they are surrounded by people. Otherwise, they choose to remain quiet and in the same spot.


The four points mentioned above were some things that you might not know about the Persian cat breed. If you’re a Persian cat owner or just a lover of this particular breed of cats, how many points were you already familiar with?