Four Apps for your Persian Kitten

In general, it has been noticed that kittens tend to be very gentle on the screen, they do not really use their claws. So, you may let them play with your mobile or iPad without worrying about them scratching the screen. For added protection, you may use a scratch guard before letting them play with your iPad/mobile. There are a lot of apps for kittens in the market, especially dedicated to their entertainment. Most of these apps are very popular with kitten lovers and their feline friends. From digital fish and mice to laser dots, these gaming apps for kittens can hold their attention and keep them, as well as you, entertained for hours.

  1. Game for Cats (iPad)

Kittens love to chase small things, it is part of their natural instincts. That is the basis of this gaming app. The app features a glowing dot that dances around the screen. It tempts your Persian to smack it with his/her paws. This gaming app can keep your kitten entertained for hours. You also have the option to upgrade from the laser dot to a mouse. It will give you the bonus level of ‘chase a butterfly’ as well. The game keeps track of scores as well, so your Persian may have a friendly competition with other Persians. The basic version of the app that features the laser dot is free.

Download the App here

  1. Crazy Cat (Android)

Hopping bugs and scurrying mice, that is what Crazy Cat is all about. Your Persian would absolutely love the variety of cute critters that he/she would be able to chase on the screen. Acting ‘nuts’ is something that every kitten loves to do, and seeing them acting nuts is something that you love to watch. Crazy Cat would definitely make your Persian a shoo-in for the top place in that ‘funny home videos’ TV show. The game also lets you keep scores to promote healthy competition. You have the option to control the critters in the game. The app works better on the wider screen of a tablet. The app is free.

Download the App here

  1. Paint for Cats (iPad)

A painting done by a Persian would not fetch you millions or even hundreds as a matter of fact, however, it would definitely make for a great conversation piece. Paint for Cats is a unique app that combines chase-a-mouse gameplay with splatters of paint. The app features a rainbow colored mouse. Chasing around the mouse means splattering the screen with colors as well. You would be able to save your kitten’s artwork, and share it via Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. The best part for the kittens would be the satisfying squeak they would be able to hear after each attack. Paint for Cats is a paid app.

Download the App here

  1. Pocket Pond (iPad, iPhone, Android)

Kittens absolutely love fish. Stalking the fishbowl and terrifying the fish is something that they absolutely love to do. It is something that you absolutely hate. Pocket Pond is an app that would help your feline friend to virtually stalk a fish pond and thus satisfy their natural instinct. It is an app that would give you a peace of mind. The gentle ripples in the virtual pond would lull your Persian into a trance. You have the option to add buzzing dragonflies. This app can keep you entertained as well. You have the option to decorate the pond, and raise, feed, and play with the koi in the pond. You also have the option to visit other ponds as well. Pocket Pond is a free app.


These apps would definitely help to keep your Persian entertained for hours, and would also help to develop its instincts.


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