Emma and Madelen

Hi Gaby,

 I hope that you are doing very well.

I thought to send you an updated picture of Miss Emma and Madelen.  I chose this picture of Miss Emma to send to you it’s the best picture that we were able to take that made her green eyes so stunning to show up… she’s such a bundle of energy and an awesome personality – the difference in size between Miss Emma and Madelen is fairly significant.  Emma stayed pretty small Madelen is definitely bigger than she is – Emma is 5 lbs she’s definitely more petite.

 Miss Emma playing in one of her favorite things… the empty packaging from bottled water; she loves to run and dive into the package like a kid would run and slide onto a slip and slide.



Madelen in her favorite pose on our bed and at my computer – Madelen is just a very calm relax cat so very different from Miss Emma.




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