About Us

About us

Most of my life I’ve been involved with cats in various capacities, but in 2000 fell in love with the Persian breed. That was the start of my dream and since that time have dedicated my time to learning as much as possible about the care and health of this special breed. I feel bettering the breed is not just producing cats, but producing sound, healthy cats and assuring quality lines. My goal in this venture is to provide beautiful kittens true to their breed while never sacrificing health, beauty and temperament.

We are currently members of the CFA, TICA & ACFA. In my efforts to better the breed, I consult with various groups of breeders who work together to communicate ideas to further our business and benefit our Treasured Kittens and ultimately our customers.

We are professional persian kitten breeders and our cats are a valued part of our family and live with us in our home. Treasured Kittens are bred for love and outstanding personalities. We have Grand Champion Bloodlines, certify the health of our kittens and maintain the highest quality standards. Currently we are owned by sixPersians; please visit the Kings & Queens’ pages to meet them.

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